Luxury Cruise and Travel Planning for Your Charity
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luxury cruise and travel planning for your charity

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Are you organizing a gala event for an opera?  symphony? theater?  Are you involved with your synagogue or church in an affluent area?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we'll assume that you and your patrons or members are well traveled.  Using a luxury cruise or small bespoke group tour to raise money for your foundation, organization or club can generate excitement, maintain loyalty and make money - a 'win win' combination.
Leave the logistics to us.   In san Francisco we're very well connected with the top cruise lines and tour companies. and chances are we've worked with some of your friends already. While we cannot get suppliers to gift you their product, there can be creative ways to make it work for you.

Give Josh at call at 415.987.0372 or send him an email to discuss.

Destinations Guide: Trip Planner

Looking Ahead
In a world where vacation options are boundless, it’s never too early to map out your future travels. (PSA: The holidays are right around the corner.) So whether you’re thinking about a warm-weather beach stay, crossing off a bucket list destination, or organizing a multigenerational Thanksgiving getaway, this guide has information to help and inspire you. It’s time to start planning.

Travel Goals
You know those dream destinations stashed away in the back of your mind? Life is short – what are you waiting for? Virtuoso has relationships with 1,700 of the world’s best hotels and resorts, cruise lines, tour companies, and other partners, some of which are featured in this guide, and they all offer exclusive amenities and privileged access to some of the world’s most beautiful places and experiences. So get going and call your advisor. Who knows, you might even discover a few places to add to your travel wish list.

Gear Up: Road-Trip Ready
Smart tech to keep drinks cold, tunes hot, and your phone juiced.

Postcard: Winging It
High-flying adventure in the forests of Killarney.

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